Advent Candles hymn 2017

We gather now round the Advent Ring; each candle tall, what message will it bring? Come and light a flame, to see what it might say. Cherish its light as you walk the way. Lift up your head, you who've suffered long; for Christ will come, the weak will be made strong. As we light… Continue reading Advent Candles hymn 2017


Reformation (500 years)

A hymn for Reformation Sunday (29 October 2017), which this year commemorates 500 years since the momentous publication of Martin Luther's 95 Theses. The tune: I'm gonna be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers! Reformation! When God's Spirit plants a seed, it'll grow beyond the limits that you see; Reformation! It's the impetus you need, to… Continue reading Reformation (500 years)

Other Writing

The old man in the Temple

The glory of our people Israel! So say the priests who scurry through these courts directing pilgrims, offering sacrifice, administ'ring, enforcing, protecting. See what majestic stones and buildings stand, they say, upon this Mountain of the Lord; within these Temple walls is holiness! And Israel's Lord (they whisper now) will rouse to win deliv'rance from… Continue reading The old man in the Temple