Jesus told his friends

Jesus told his friends to do all the things he'd taught them to. If we follow him today, this is what we'll hear him say: “Love one another, love one another. Love one another the same way I've loved you.” “Slaves don't know their master's game, but to you I've made things plain. If you… Continue reading Jesus told his friends

Other Writing

Spreading the News: a Christmas message

Write it or type it, in lower-case, upper-case bold or italic, or thick underscore; spotlighted; highlighted; then framed or skylighted, nailed to a gatepost or mailed through a door. Whisper it, murmur it, tell it, and yell it, through tannoy or loudhailer, let people know! Snap it and screenshot it, post it on Instagram; Facetime… Continue reading Spreading the News: a Christmas message