His name was Jonah

Here's an upbeat re-telling of the story of Jonah, sung to the tune of a classic hit song from the 1970s. It was written for an all-age service on Mothering Sunday (hence the ideas in the final verse & chorus), but is of course suitable for use any time. His name was Jonah, he was… Continue reading His name was Jonah

Other Writing

Spreading the News: a Christmas message

Write it or type it, in lower-case, upper-case bold or italic, or thick underscore; spotlighted; highlighted; then framed or skylighted, nailed to a gatepost or mailed through a door. Whisper it, murmur it, tell it, and yell it, through tannoy or loudhailer, let people know! Snap it and screenshot it, post it on Instagram; Facetime… Continue reading Spreading the News: a Christmas message