O God of grace and jubilee

O God of grace and jubilee,
the bond by which you set us free
is found in the fidelity
of saints who’ve gone before.

Yet faithfulness is also found
when we are bold to break new ground –
attentive to the clarion-sound,
the call that’s quashed no more.

For Christ, who walked in Galilee,
addressed his summons equally;
to pauper and to Pharisee
he made your purpose known.

And still your Spirit won’t be tamed,
but seeks and speaks through those once shamed –
that all your people may be claimed
afresh, by grace alone.

So give us, Lord, the eyes to see,
in change and continuity,
the Church that you would have us be,
obedient to your call.

Raise up, we pray, in every place
where people meet to seek your face,
a constant servant of the grace *
that knows no boundary-wall.

This hymn was written for the centenary, on 17 September 2017, of the ordination of Constance Coltman – the first woman to be ordained as Minister in a mainstream UK Christian denomination.
* this line, when sung, may be heard as … a Constance, servant of the grace …

Suggested tunes: ‘Childhood (University of Wales)’ (6 verses), ‘Easter Time’ (3 verses)


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