Jesus told his friends

Jesus told his friends to do
all the things he’d taught them to.
If we follow him today,
this is what we’ll hear him say:
Love one another, love one another.
Love one another the same way I’ve loved you.”

“Slaves don’t know their master’s game,
but to you I’ve made things plain.
If you do what I’ve decreed,
then you are my friends indeed.
Love one another…”

Jesus shows us how to live;
all that’s needed, he will give.
“You might think that you chose me;
truly I chose you,” says he.
Love one another…”

Jesus, hear us as we pray:
help us now and every day.
Guide and teach us, hand in hand,
to obey your great command:
Love one another…”

Words © Dominic Grant, September 2016
Based on John 15.12-17, and written for the all-age Theme Introduction at a Rededication Sunday service.

Tune: “Jesus loves me, this I know”


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