The story of salvation

The story of salvation
is scored in richest hues:
divine improvisation
to blend with earthy blues.
Composer of creation
to whom our lives belong,
both sorrow and elation
find space within your song.

We sing of chains and freedom,
we tell what God has done.
Once fettered for a season,
a new life has begun!
A glorious transposition
has brought us safely through;
and every fresh rendition
proclaims God’s power anew.


Now join your varied voices
and virtuoso ways,
till all the earth rejoices
in counterpoint of praise.
This bridge that none can sever:
God’s faithfulness our theme;
we’ll rest secure forever
within a love supreme.

This hymn was written for a jazz-themed service, where it was sung to the tune ‘Passion Chorale’ (Hassler) in a jazz arrangement.


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