Knowing us from within

Knowing us from within;
tested, yet without sin;
God’s living Word:
your solidarity
with all humanity
is mercy’s guarantee,
High Priest and Lord!

Glory you did not seek:
reverent, among the meek,
your cries were heard.
Ceding divinity,
serving obediently,
suffering to set us free,
High Priest and Lord!

Holy and undefiled,
your blood has reconciled
all things to God.
In heaven’s sanctuary
present eternally,
perfect in constancy,
High Priest and Lord!

Jesus, our great High Priest:
now by your love released
to bear your word,
may your grace show in us,
heaven’s peace glow in us,
your virtues grow in us,
High Priest and Lord!

This hymn was written for a sermon series on the “priestly virtues” of Jesus as described in the Letter to the Hebrews.
Suggested Tune: “Moscow”
Biblical Reference: Hebrews 4.12-16, 5.1-10, 7.23-28


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