Palm Sunday hymn: Enthroned upon a donkey

Enthroned upon a donkey
the Son of Man appears;
bedecked with robes and branches
the path on which he nears.
And if the crowd fell silent,
the stones themselves would sing_
creation’s benediction:
Hosanna to the King!

So soon he is rejected,
so soon he is betrayed:
the Son of God incarnate
on deathly tree displayed.
The gamblers vie for garments
beneath his thorn-pierced head;
too soon the tomb-stone closes,
announcing he is dead.

But ‘neath the cloak of mourning
a deeper truth is known:
the stone that was rejected
becomes the cornerstone.
The grain once dead and buried
a glorious harvest gives;
grief’s pall shall be discarded
when angels cry, He lives!

Where faith finds its foundation
the rags of reason lie;
his righteousness shall clothe us,
his grace all needs supply.
In Christ we find our calling
as branches of the Vine;
we’ll live to serve his kingdom
where earth and heaven entwine.

Three kinds of image find their way into each verse of this Palm Sunday/Passiontide hymn: the sartorial (robes, garments, cloak, rags/clothe); the arboreal (branches, tree, grain, branches/vine); and the lithic (stones, tomb-stone, stone/cornerstone, foundation).

Suggested tune: Aurelia


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