Remembrance Sunday hymn: Poppies to Remember

Poppies to remember
lives laid down in war –
hopes and bodies broken,
wounds forever raw.
Red and white and purple
tell of what’s been lost,
summon us to silence
as we count the cost.
Help us to remember
now and every day
sacrifice and service,
Lord of life, we pray.

“Do this to remember,”
Jesus tells his friends;
by his death securing
life that never ends.
Broken like his body,
bread on which we dine;
blood that’s shed for us
recalled again in wine.
Help us to remember…

Jesus, we remember
this the debt we owe;
and we pledge our service,
that the world may know
all that leads to freedom,
all that makes for peace.
Let your Kingdom come, Lord!
Let all bloodshed cease!
Help us to remember…

Suggested tune: St Gertrude (‘Onward Christian soldiers’). Alternatively, the refrain may be omitted to allow a wider choice of tunes in 6565D metre.

This hymn was conceived for use at an all-age communion service on Remembrance Sunday, aiming to frame our honouring of wartime sacrifice through the lens of remembering Christ’s sacrifice. The fifth line of verse 1 also affirms a place for each of the differently-coloured Remembrance poppies available at the time the hymn was written, and for the causes/perspectives they represent.

This hymn is featured on Singing The Faith Plus.




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