To Zarephath in distant land

To Zarephath in distant land
Elijah went, by God’s command;
we too, at times, feel far from home,
and sent beyond our comfort zone.

The prophet met a widow there,
and wanted more than she could spare;
like her, we’re sore when pressed to serve,
bemoaning want we don’t deserve.

“Don’t fear – put God’s work first,” he said,
“God will provide for daily bread.”
Might we yet find, amid our toil,
replenishment of grain and oil?

For even when the breath was gone
from that poor widow’s only son,
the power of God, through prophet’s faith,
delivered him again from death.

So feed, revive us, Lord we pray,
that we may serve afresh each day:
in all that we experience,
assure us of your providence.

Lord God, when we feel lost or worn,
preserve our thoughts from easy scorn.
And when dispirited, may we
your grace receive, to set us free.

Suggested tunes: “Angelus (Du Meiner Seelen)”, “Eisenach”

Bible Reference: 1 Kings 17.8-24

Lectionary: RCL Year C, Proper 5 Ord.10


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