Pentecost hymn: Present at the world’s creation

Present at the world’s creation,
Spirit of God;
summoning a chosen nation,
Spirit of God;
swift to guide and to deliver
through the wilderness and river;
sanctifying Lord, life-giver,
Spirit of God.

Yours a power beyond all measure;
we worship you.
Source of courage, wisdom’s treasure:
we worship you.
Lord, inspiring prophets’ vision,
overcoming all division;
Lord who calls us to decision,
we worship you.

Spirit, by your proclamation
all now are one.
Culture, status, generation –
all now are one.
Every tribe and tongue addressing,
truth of Jesus Christ confessing,
turning Babel into blessing:
all now are one.

Seeds for future harvest sowing,
speak to us now.
Gifts revealing, grace bestowing,
speak to us now.
You have shaped our past tradition,
you restore and recondition;
fit us now for our commission:
speak to us now!

Suggested tunes: East Acklam, Ar Hyd Y Nos


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