Care-worn and fearful

Care-worn and fearful, Jacob strove,
bargained for blessing, saw God’s face;
then went on, limping yet restored,
his brother to embrace.

Stretcher-bound man, through roof brought down,
now by Christ’s word from sickness roused:
the faith of friends who bore him there
brought healing in that house.

One member’s pain is shared by all
who in one body joinèd are:
thus Paul, thorn-stricken in the flesh,
in weakness found God’s power.

Lord God, when suff’ring comes our way,
teach us each other’s load to bear:
that we may grasp a neighbour’s hand
and know Christ’s presence there.

When a ministerial colleague suffered an accidental injury to his leg, folk in the group of churches rallied round, immediately and without grumbling, to care for him and his family as well as ensuring cover for his duties. Their compassion inspired this hymn.

Suggested tune: Misericordia
Bible references Genesis 32.22-33.4; Luke 5.18-24;
1 Corinthians 12.26; 2 Corinthians 12.7-10


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