God of words and wisdom

God of words and wisdom, Lord and Author of creation,
speaking into primal chaos, calling worlds to be:
praise and thanks we bring you for your word of life recorded
in the sacred pages of your people’s history.
As the Bible’s opened in our gathering for worship,
so may it be legible in lives lived faithfully.
By the Scriptures, Lord, transform us!
By their light, Lord, let us see!

God of speech and silence, Lord whom we address as Father,
honouring a child’s request, receiving honour due:
hesitant and hopeful we set forth in word and gesture
all our need and fear, and seek to hear you speaking too.
As Christ sought your will, and there found sustenance for service,
so reveal yourself to us, our flagging strength renew.
Through such prayer, O Lord, transform us!
Through this bond, draw us to you!

God of church and challenge, Lord of ministry and mission,
sending those you’ve gathered, that the Good News might be told:
here we make our offering of hand and voice in service
of your kingdom, in our generation as of old.
As the Spirit’s prompting made apostles fit for purpose,
so anoint your servants, Lord, our deeds and words to mould.
For your mission, Lord, transform us!
For the Gospel make us bold!

Scripture stands as witness to the Word of God incarnate;
and might Christ be with us in the words and dreams we share?
Singing and soliloquy are staples of our worship;
yet could honest conversation even count as prayer?
Then we’re sent to summon till the banquet-hall is bursting;
can our tales embolden us to risk our neighbours’ stare?
Shape our vision, Lord! Transform us!
Shape our life and bid us dare!

This, one of my earliest hymns, was originally inspired in 2008 by the United Reformed Church ‘Vision for Life’ programme – a three-year commitment to deepen engagement with the Bible, with Prayer, and with Evangelism.

Unusually for me, I didn’t have a tune in mind when I wrote it… and due to the rather unusual metre, it still doesn’t have one! Hence it’s never been sung.

If anyone would like to come up with a suitable tune…


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